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The Vector Wallet has gone through many levels of prototyping and manufacturing. I have tested several different materials, looks, and finishes. Everything so far has been done in my personal workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

With your help, the Vector Wallet is finally ready to be brought to market.


About The Vector Wallet

  • Card lever

    The Vector Wallet can hold up to five cards. These cards can all be accessed by flipping the lever on the bottom of the wallet. This is done by using your pinky finger or the palm of your opposite hand. The lever spreads the cards out evenly so you can easily choose the one you need. This function is designed to be easy enough to use with one hand.

  • Card Lock

    The lock on the side ensures that your cards are secure while not in use. Sliding the lock up releases the cards and enables the use of the lever. Slide the lock back down to secure them again. Both the lock and lever are designed to work whether you have one or all five cards in the wallet.

  • Money Clip

    The money clip is recessed into the wallet so that the wallet stays slim even if you have multiple bills. The wallet has two different sizes of the money clip available. The slim clip is for someone who carries 1-4 bills and wants the wallet to be as small as possible. The large clip is for those who like to have some serious cash on them. 


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How do I order a wallet?

Vector Wallets are for now exclusively available on Kickstarter. Follow the link to my Kickstarter campaign in order to choose your Wallet.

When will I receive my wallet?

Once the kickstarter campaign is successful all backer rewards are estimated to be shipped out in October 2018